The following is what I wrote to Tiffany after my last session with her. Thank you so much for the amazing talk we had. I truly appreciated that you shared your gift of incredible insight, wisdom, and love with me. Our talk was so magical and yet detailed right down to the ideas and action to take. It was wonderful to have my own sense of timing for the loving relationship between myself and my beloved be validated. You have always helped me clarify and put things into perspective on a spiritual level, which has truly helped me to heal my heart. Thank you for always being on this path with me.

Erica M.

The day when I visited Tiffany, I could not find any motivation to keep my life going forward. I ended my second marriage over a year ago, then I was alone in Connecticut without family or friends whom I can talk to closely. A little trouble with my recent relationship became a trigger to stir my emotion. I called off work and drove around the town crying with no purpose. I knew I had to talk to someone to get out this mental state, but could not find anyone. Then suddenly,  I drove by this sign on high ridge road that offered psychic readings. I called her number, She promptly answered she luckily was not busy that day and I got an appointment within minutesHer insight and guidance for me was superb. My tired rigid heart soften completely within 90 mins session. Her capability is more than mere a psychic reading but true healing with her personality and wonderful energy! She is really the one whom I can count on. Greatest reading ever.

Alex T.

Normally I don't put much effort into reviews but Tiffanys effort to help me is worth spreading the word! I still have a long road ahead but her vision and guidance has helped me choose the right road and it feels amazing. Sometimes we need a person who isn't biased but has wisdom to help us see what we can't and manage what we don't realize we can. Tiffany gave me the wisdom and tools I need to be the ideal ME and I couldn't be more grateful. If you feel confused, lost and need real wisdom to make the tough choices on your path let Tiffany help you and I'm happy that I took the risk and the chance with her since working on healing and meditation sessions my life has changed miraculously. I will forever be grateful to Tiffany for what she has done for me I just hope that this review helps others to make the right choice as well.

Donna M.

I've had two tarot readings with Tiffany and they were incredibly accurate.  I have been going to psychics for many years and I can honestly say that she is the real deal.  Not only is the reading spot on, but she is also direct and doesn't tell you what you want to hear.  She also offers sound advice and guidance which I found to be incredibly helpful.  I highly recommend her if you're looking for a quality, solid, intuitive reading.

Ginny F.

This was my first reading and it was crazy how accurate Tiffany was with my cards and life and what was happening and had happened. I did a tarot card reading and would come back again for sure! She was great.

Allie E.