Do you want to be reunited with a lost lover? Do you wonder if he/she is faithful? Do you wonder about past relationships or future romances? Do you wonder who your soulmate is and when you will meet them? Do you wonder whether your business or career will be successful? All of these questions will be answered by calling Tiffany today.

$60 tarot cards

A deck of 78 cards known as the tarot is used to predict and interpret relationships. This reading will tell you your past present and  future, love career family health etc.

$45 palm readings

Palmistry is another popular method of predictions involving characterization and foretelling of one’s future through the study of the lines, shapes, wrinkles and curves of the palm. The palm reading will tell you about your character past and your present.

$90 Psychic Reading

The psychic reading reads through your vibrations and your aura and tells you everything about your past, present and future. This is a full life reading which means love, career, money, health, marriage, children. It will also tap into your past life soulmates and twin flames.

$75 the love reading

Do you ever wonder whats on your lover’s mind? If they are being honest and faithful? Do you think to yourself if i can only read his/her mind? Well now you can. Through the love reading you will have all the answers that you have been seeking.

Spiritual Healing

Family Karma

Emotions or events that are repeated in a family history can be seen as the effects of inherited karma. Working with the Akashic Records to look at family issues gives a deeper understanding and offers the chance to provide healing, not just for yourself, but for past and future generations. This type of work offers the chance to regain control of what happens to you, opening the way to freedom.


Tiffany does the above readings in the following way. She moves into your vibrations or the vibrations of someone you tell her about. Tiffany then moves into the Akashic records which records every thought, word and action that anyone has ever done in any life time. Some people call this contacting the Universal Mind of God, the Cosmic Mind, the collective consciousness or the collective subconscious. After contacting this energy, Tiffany can tell how you came into life, what energy you had over you at birth and perhaps why it is that you are going through the good times and the bad times in your life.

We also provide additional services. All readings are private and confidential.